""Rene & Kelly are very generous people!  They took the last weekend for their personal hunting time and put it aside to mentor my son.   My son shot his first buck that weekend.  We can not thank them enough.  South Paw offers great opportunities with awesome memories. The minute we walked in the door Jayden started to work on cleaning the antlers..... "
Laura and Jayden, Edmonton Canada

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  "As an outfitter we have the privilege of meeting many special people and making many special friends from all over the world.  However, In my 15 years of outfitting, nothing to date tops the privilege of hosting Luke Munn of Michigan for Black bears in the spring of 2003 and again just this past spring.  Kelly Semple, also an outfitter with her husband Rene, as well as being the Executive Director of the Hunting For Tomorrow Foundation cooks in my bear camp and wrote part 1 of Luke's Story."

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  "I would like to thank you & Rene again we had a wonderful time.  Collin couldn't stop talking about his day. He was definitely the hero in the dressing room before his hockey game! Take care, talk to you soon.  Thanks again for everything "
Nancy Zandbeek and Collin

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  "Thank you for some outstanding memories.   I will keep them with me wherever I go.  It is my goal to return with my 2 sons, so they too can experience the hospitality, the country, and of course the hunts. 

Thank you for making me feel right at home.  The meals, snacks and treats were so tasty.   Thank you for remembering and working around the pesky allergies.  Thinking of some of the highlights of the week... seeing moose, having mule deer pose for my pictures, cart wheeling the coyote at 143 yards, watching the coyotes snap at the dive bombing raven, hand to hand combat with an Alberta squirrel sneaking into the blind and scrapping for Kelly's sandwich, the great deer that will go back to Michigan with me.  But most of all for your friendship and hospitality and generosity shown to me.

Like Toby Keith sang - I'm out here on the front line, sleep in peace tonight, I'm an American Soldier. May god Bless! "
Kevin Dryer, Michigan

  "Thank you for the warm hospitality and great memories.   I can't think of any other way I would have wanted to spend my 30th birthday than hunting with you guys.   You are first class outfitters with an abundance of animals.   I was able to shoot my first ever moose (43 inches) and my personal best whitetail (165 inches), along with seeing elk, coyotes and hearing wolves.  My only complaint is now I have to begin working out to lose the weight I gained from the amazing food:) Thanks again for memories I'll never forget."
Danny Henderson
  "For most parents, the first day of kindergarden is a memorable one for both child and adult.  For parents, Robert and Diane Cooper they knew this would be a big day, Brandon was going to kinder-garden!  After the registration process, Diane had decided to take Brandon to the Doctor for a check up.   He hadn't been feeling well, was tired all the time and seemed to have a series of bruises that wouldn't disappear. "

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  "If you could ask for anything in the world, what might that be?  Have you ever really thought about it?   Count yourself lucky that you are not one of the many kids who ask themselves that question. "

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with Kelly Semple in Sangudo, Alberta, Canada